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Kingwin KF-1000-BK internal hot swap rack Raid 1 bay retail

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Item No : KW26KF1000B
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Product Details
SpecificationsSuitable hard disk type: 1.0' or 1.6' height, and 3.5' H.D.D.
Interface: Serial ATA
Color: Black
Key lock: Yes
Connector: NSS (Non-Scratch SATA)
Material: Metal / Plastic
Dimensions: 7.16' x 5.74' x 1.65'
Weight: 2.0 lbs.
Features3.5' Internal hot swap rack.
No inner tray required.
Easy transport and secure valuable data.
Easy open latch door.
Safety metal key lock.
Patent NSS (Non-Scratch SATA connector).
50,000 times insertion rate.
Supports hot swap.
Supports SATA II (3.0 Gb/s)
Tool-less design for h.d.d. installation.
Tray-less design.
Compatible with all type of PC cases.
Special silicon anti-shock system.
Driver-free support
Warranty1 year limited
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'* This item may only be returned for an identical replacement *'

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